Monday Musings


2015-11-23 14.37.53


This week in November is always saturated with trite proclamations of gratitude.

Sorry, did that sound jaded? I didn’t mean for it to be. I suppose what I meant was that gratitude, in my opinion, is a general state of being. Perhaps, you’re thinking, that I’m a stereotypical, entitled millennial whom appreciates nothing so what would I know about being grateful?

Not true. I come from a working-class, immigrant background and I’ve probably worked multiple jobs since I was 17. I know what it’s like to to appreciate. I am, by no means, unfortunate. I know I’m lucky.

So – to save you from an overly-saccharine soliloquy about Thanksgiving and being grateful, I will just say this:

I am grateful to be alive and all that goes along with it.  

Especially for pie. Pie is a miracle.


Also – have some good reads to go along with that food coma this week:

The great debate: Dressing v. Stuffing – Thanksgiving around the U.S.

Did you know it is actually healthy for your heart to be grateful?

And I’ll be damned if I’m not making this self-proclaimed Perfect Sweet Potato Pie this week.

Breaking News: Everything Causes Cancer. Just kidding, but apparently meat consumption just might and the temperature that you’re cooking it at may affect carcinogen levels.

Syrian Refugees – a historical conversation?

And if you’re not making gravy, you can’t sit with us. Just kidding. But the pink on Wednesdays is non-negotiable (name that movie!)


Happy Eating. I know I’ll be happy and I’ll be eating. You can be guaranteed that I will be soon be bombarding you with the most trite of thanksgiving food posts (and I’m only being half-facetious).

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