Monday Musings – Holiday Hostile Harangues and Deep Breathing

2015-12-14 13.43.16


I won’t lie.

This current holiday season has been an absolute CHORE. I have no idea what it is about this year but December sneaked up on me with all the stealth of Peter Pan’s shadow – seemingly innocuous but altogether mischievous and hard to handle.

Between the hectic schedule, the decorating, the ever-busier roads, the present-buying, and the constant cooking and eating – I can hardly catch my breath. This past week was especially difficult to stand still for a mere moment.

I suppose I found myself in that holiday cliche where I let the stress, the materialism, and the rituals of the Holidays overcome me and I lost sight of what really matters.


Just kidding. Sort of.

In all earnestness though, if you’re feeling the stress this holiday season – breathe in deeply and exhale some jolly serenity because when it comes down to it, all that matters is that you have shown some genuine love and appreciation towards those who have made this past year enthusiastically bearable.


  • Feel better. Read something. Apparently bibliotherapy is totally a thing. I know reading makes me a happier person.  This article also distinguishes the kinds of writing that becomes transformative and therapeutic for many people.
  • Love above all. Even if that means loving yourself the most. “Sometimes it’s all right to be in flux and still be figuring things out.
  • Need your food-on-film fix? Anthony Bourdain wholly endorses this enumeration.
  • Feeling some holiday warmth, Asian-style? Give Jamie Oliver’s Hot and Sour Soup recipe a try! I definitely added twice the amount of ginger. That will clear you right up!
  • Oh, Donald. Even your own party is skeptical. What are your thoughts?  Are you tuning in for the Republican Debate tomorrow night? (December 15th)
  • Can chefs be the axis of activism? With food culture as ubiquitous as it is, why the hell not?
  • Culinary creativity extends to prisons, too. “The ingredients aren’t fancy; the technique, although creative, is improvisational. The DIY recipes are special, Diaz said, because of what they represent to the inmates—a chance to feel like a human being again.”
  • Listen. I like gifts that aren’t food-centered too! (Although, let’s be real, food-centered gifts are 99.5% of what I wish for every year) Take a gander at this cool gift guide. It covers both genders, which totally stops my panic-induced hyperventilation in its tracks.
  • BUT THEN. There is this foodie gift guide that gives a little back.

Have a beautiful, noms-filled week.

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