Monday Musings: Loot and The Dark Lord

Look at this cookery loot! This is the first year where I truly had no expectations for presents and somehow got everything I ever wanted and more! And – yes, that is a Lord Voldemort figurine. What? You don’t cook with the Dark Lord as your cheerleader? Weirdo.

Christmas is over.

Secretly, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Truly, I had one of the best birthdays and Christmases I have ever had. Perhaps because the month of December was so hectic and insane that doing ANYTHING other than panicking and working would have been a desperately-needed respite.

I’m pretty sure I cooked every single day in the few weeks leading up to Christmas. I’m not complaining too much about that. Cooking is an instinct, a love that is inherent and innate. No one ever said obsessions were always easy.

Regardless of the holiday craze, I was surrounded by good people, gut-busting, delicious eats and all the love and friendship a girl could ask for. I even got to spend more time with my pets which, if you knew me, you would know how much that means to me.

But – onto a new year! 2016, here we come!

Are you ready? Are you ready for failed diet resolutions and successful binge-eating and new movies, new shows, better cooking skills and more food experimentation? Oh…is that not what you pictured your new year to be? Gosh. My expectations are low.

“Please, please, please don’t let me gain 10 pounds while I stuff my face with all this food I will be recipe-testing!”



Have some good reads, on me!

Pablo Neruda! Do you love him? You better. He is the master of wooing, love, and obsession. The Chilean poet and love-guru. His house is rampant with signs of subtle seduction and affection.

Seriously, when did everyone become allergic to peanuts? Are we all just becoming more aware of this food allergy or are numbers really rising?

DID YOU GO SEE THE NEW STAR WARS MOVIE? Well….did you?!?!? What did you think? Triumph or travesty? Or just…meh?

Are you a horror movie freak like I am? If so, you’ll appreciate this list of upcoming new movies and new installments in your favorite horror franchise. I am beyond excited.

When you’re  ready to take that deep, financial but oh-so-worth-it plunge to get a nice knife, here are some thoughts to consider. Carbon steel? Stainless Steel? Japanese? Swiss? What?!?!?!

Nigella Lawson, the goddess-divine of homemaking and domesticity will always be my shoulder angel while entertaining. This past holiday season and for gatherings in general, I make this Party Popcorn. I also use the same seasoning mix for pretzels and nuts and it is just…too much. Too much for words. Try it. I dare you to try eat one popcorn/pretzel/nut at a time. You won’t. You’ll shovel it by the handfuls into your mouth.

Do you work two jobs? Three? Do you sometimes feel like everyone only ever works one job at a time and you’re just drowning in solitary sea of work and exhaustion? I really thought it was just me.

SOMEONE DID IT.  Someone made the spaghetti from the movie “Elf”. Yes, it was just as disgusting as everyone expected.

On my holidays, I like to read about funny things and serious things. This article on the origins of immunotherapy for cancer treatment was kind of cool. It seemed to start out with injecting a potentially deadly bacteria to combat the tumor. Sounds terrifying.

Read, cook, eat and be merry. Or else.

The Dark Lord is watching you.


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