Enticing Enchiladas with Weekday Mole Sauce and Positive Food Vibes


Stress has always been a large, motivating factor in my life. In my current quest to eat and live a lifestyle that caters to my new found IBS condition – I have done a lot of research. I’ve watched documentaries, read blogs, articles, books, journals and consulted people for their personal testimonies in dealing with IBS. Continue reading

I’m Baaaaaccck – Beignets, Bowel Syndromes, and Barks

Friends! Friends!! I’ve missed you so!

Seriously, I apologize for that unnecessarily long hiatus from the cyber world.

Life became so hectic. In the process of moving, unpacking, trying to settle down, losing a second job and finding another second job and eating way too much take out – I just knew I couldn’t give the blog all the attention it deserved. I also sunk into a deep, seemingly unending culinary and creative rut. No ingredient struck inspiration in my core. Cooking for people became a chore. Cleaning dishes became a level of hell straight from Dante’s imagination. I could not deal. Not one bit. Continue reading