I’m Baaaaaccck – Beignets, Bowel Syndromes, and Barks

Friends! Friends!! I’ve missed you so!

Seriously, I apologize for that unnecessarily long hiatus from the cyber world.

Life became so hectic. In the process of moving, unpacking, trying to settle down, losing a second job and finding another second job and eating way too much take out – I just knew I couldn’t give the blog all the attention it deserved. I also sunk into a deep, seemingly unending culinary and creative rut. No ingredient struck inspiration in my core. Cooking for people became a chore. Cleaning dishes became a level of hell straight from Dante’s imagination. I could not deal. Not one bit.

Furthermore, I was still dealing with my digestive issues and was at the end of my patience with it all. I finally made it to the doctor and she told me I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’m still in the early stages of finding out what triggers everything and what makes me feel better (so basically…still struggling with my long-term, excessive, beautiful, used-to-be happy relationship with food). What is also challenging about IBS is that it is different for everybody. IBS is basically the term that doctors will use to say “hmmm…you’re SOL, stop eating crappy food that makes you balloon to the size of the Hindenburg and makes functioning normally difficult.”

Needless to say, operating without certain food groups is like walking uphill during a rock slide for someone like me. However, I’m trying. I’m trying to adjust to what makes me feel less like a painful, bloated whale and still feed everyone in my house normally.

It’s also become apparent that there is no easy fix for whatever it is that ails me. It’s directly related to my stress levels, which is another reason why I had to take a leave of absence from my favorite hobby of blogging. All the compiled pressures of moving houses earlier in this year, my jobs, traveling, the blog, and life as we know it was beginning to wreak havoc on my health.

My life is still insane – but a manageable kind of insane. That’s how I like it.

My new living space is coming together, I now have another dog in the house, and my kitchen is finally set up to the point of satisfaction. I’m a lucky girl, regardless.


Anyways. Onto more important things.




Have you had these wonderful pillows of otherworldly bliss? Have you voluntarily smeared copious amounts of powdered sugar on your business-casual work attire without a single iota of shame? Have you burnt your mouth shoving these fresh, piping-hot babies into your cake-hole?

No? Well. Get Ready.


If you’ve never had a Beignet, it sort of tastes like the best, mutant version of a funnel cake in a cute, pillow shape. When you take that first bite, your teeth sink down into that fluffy and chewy donut that has big air pockets which help create that satisfying, toothsome chew. The hefty sprinkle of powdered sugar on top gets on your face as you eat the donut, making you look like a coke addict – but hey, all part of the experience.

I brought these babies back to the office as a pay day treat and was I the office hero for the day? Damn straight.

If you live anywhere near Apex, NC. Get your cute little butt down to Mr. A’s Beignets. Everything else is a waste of time.

Sidenote: He’s the real deal. He’s from Louisianna and uses his New Orleans roots in the best way possible. He’s also way too nice and too funny. And that Chickory Coffee? Get you some.

Sidenote of my sidenote: If there is one thing I’ve learned on this hiatus – no matter my mood, no matter how large and gaping of a food-rut I’m in, my obsession with food is always silently simmering underneath the surface.

I love you guys. I love food. Let’s do this thing.

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