I recently read a New York Times Editorial titled “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person“. At the end of it, despite the dark title, I felt a bit uplifted.

It discussed basically that humans will be humans. No one can reasonably expect another person to not annoy them, make mistakes, lose intimacy from time to time and all the other issues that marriage comes with that they don’t talk about in your average Nicholas Sparks movie.

So what does this have to do with food?


We’re not perfect. I’m not perfect.

Some days, I can barely be bothered to just LOOK at instant oatmeal, let alone muster the energy to microwave a sad, single bowl of it.

I came home from work the other night and after I walked both of the dogs, fed them and the cat – I just wanted to crawl into a tight fetal position. Even though my stomach rumbled in angry protest, I could not fathom doing much more than halfheartedly chewing on an old piece of cold pizza and shoving a few handfuls of popcorn into my mouth.

Other days, I’ll spend 2 hours in the kitchen with a tight plan and my apron on. I mean business. Then, whatever effort I was making gets turned upside down and I have to quickly find a way to patch up my mess so that I don’t waste $30worth of groceries.

So let’s take a break. Let’s give ourselves a break from:

1.) Trying so hard. Every. Dang. Day. Sometimes you need to have food-stained sweatpants and messy hair and eat nothing but cheese puffs and cereal.

2.) Guilt-tripping about how much we exercise. I have dogs. Isn’t that enough of an exercise? Isn’t it?!?!

3.) Not eating lunch out. I will eat the same thing for 4 days straight just to save money.

4.) Saving money. Don’t be alarmed – I don’t mean go spend your entire paycheck on shoes and wine (for me it’s my animals and food). Just…sometimes I think we get so caught up in saving a penny here or there that we forget we can’t take money with us when we die.

5.) Comparing ourselves to others. Why doesn’t my cake look like that person’s? Why won’t my hair lie flat like Adriana Lima? Why can’t I LOOK like Adriana Lima?

6.) Our frantic schedule. I need to breathe more and actually make friends with my couch.

7.) Not eating that cookie. Because – I need it. You need it. We all need it. Cellulite is imaginary and you’re all beautiful.

8.)“Eating Clean” in general. Some days I’m the Instagram poster child for “eating clean” and other days I want to hurl anyone who offers me kale off a 20 story building.

I am consistently wrong, messy, unstable, frantic, and manic. I’m sure you are too. It’s okay.

So take a break.

Furthermore, take a break and make some of these things. And eat it all.

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