Food Fixes All

After a long week, my weekly dinners with my parents always give me courage to tackle the rest of my responsibilities. This past week, my father made a crab boil with andouille sausages, corn, and shrimp. My mother fried eggplant and there is always rice at a Filipino table. To finish off, my father made the most happy fruit cobbler. What did I do in a past life to deserve this?

There are days where my dogs wake me up too early and my cat sleeps on my chest and I feel like I’m suffocating in fur.

There are work shifts where I feel like every single person needs a piece of me.They take their piece by dislocating each limb and walking away with it like trophy that was owed to them.

There are nights where if you ask me to cook, I will burst into tears and sink to the ground in a slump. My body will transform into a huddled bit of flesh, slowly melting into the carpet and mingling with all the animal hair that I need to vacuum.

You have days like this, don’t you?

I know you do.

That’s why food fixes all.

Even when I don’t want to cook, sometimes those are the times I need to cook for myself the most. When a bit of bolstering is a necessity, I turn to a few standbys that warm me to the core. I take a deep breath and bite my lip to keep me from screaming and whining and prepare my body for a swift spot of therapeutic kitchen work.

So what is a requisite of quick comfort?

  1. Sugar– in almost any form. Yes, I know it has drug-like, addictive qualities. I don’t care. Give me chocolate or give me death.
  2. Hot Carbs – Who doesn’t enjoy warm, toasty bread with butter generously slathered? What about a warmed-up piece of pie and cold ice cream pooling around it? Pizza? Get outta here.
  3. Roast Dinner – Maybe this isn’t always quick. Maybe it takes 10 minutes of massaging a chicken with butter and a quick sprinkling of herbs and quartering some potatoes to throw around it and then an hour of baking. At least, during that hour, you do absolutely nothing but wait around for your impending hot, filling, and nourishing dinner.
  4. Soup – I like all soup. Soup is a very obvious food that can offer satisfying serenity with very little effort. However, I’m talking about noodle soup. Slurping is good for the soul. Pho, ramen, soba noodles in flavorful broth. I like mine with copious amounts of greens, a soft boiled egg, threads of enticing chili sauce, and crunchy bean sprouts. Noodle soup is probably one of the foods I would ask for if I was on death row.
  5. Salty and Snacky – There was a time when I was in college that I would subsist on pita chips and hummus for entire meals. I subsisted happily.
  6. Anything my parents make meI don’t have to cook? Done deal. I love having a chef for a father and a mother who makes the best walnut tarts and fried eggplant.

What comforts you?

Here are some standbys by some voracious rock stars:

  • A roast chicken that is good enough for marriage.
  • Eat this Jumbo Chili Sauce with chips, on eggs, with a spoon, on steak – however you want it. Just make it. A lot of it. Then, sit in front of some trashy t.v. (or a very respectable, often devastating episode of Game of Thrones) and shovel this sauce and chips into your mouth.
  • Have some penne alla vodka. Have it all to yourself. No one needs to know you ate the whole tray!
  • Peanut Butter. And. Jelly. Cookies. Not super quick but not super excruciating to make and worth all the effort.
  • A speedier dessert. Chocolate Pear Pudding. Pour, mix, pour, and bake. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I could make this in my sleep, this is so easy. I make it so often and I never get tired of it.

One thought on “Food Fixes All

  1. We always need to have pasta stored somewhere. And also eggs, you always need eggs in the house due to its versatility….or an excuse to eat breakfast for dinner because there is nothing in the fridge.

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