Absolutely Nothing


In the small, quiet moments of my life  – when I have enough time to chew my food slowly, make a beautiful cup of tea, and crack open a book in utter silence – I remember that it is nothing.

Nothingness is what people crave.

If we think about it, we work all day, go grocery shopping, do the laundry – accomplish our vast to-do lists just so that we can be rewarded with nothing. It is in our leisure that we find the ultimate prize.

I spend much time yearning and longing for the moments that only the sound of my soft, even breathing can be heard. Where the quietness is not oppressive but enveloping. Those periods of peace where the subdued sunlight rests on my shoulders and embraces me with warmth. I search for those times where the only activity are the rustle of book pages and the faint patter of furry feet on the kitchen linoleum.

What sort of nothingness do I work towards at the end of a long week?

  • The time to make a bolognese worthy of tears.
  • The space to work at making the perfect pie crust.
  • The energy to to re-arrange my kitchen while watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • The strength to hike with my dogs and float in the river all day long.
  • The calmness to lay with all three of my animals in the living room fort that I would build.
  • The stomach to eat all the peanut butter cups, ice cream, and fried chicken.
  • The attention span to read all 6 of the books I’m currently in the middle of.
  • The energy to cook a feast for all of my family and friends.

Here are some delectables for you to ponder over in your nothingness:

This simple tarragon chicken that will make you swoon.

Brownies that are made with ice cream. This screams “eat slowly from the pan in front of a horror movie”

These seasoned pretzels that I could shovel by the handful into my awaiting cake-hole.

The solo linguine that will make you weak in the knees and greedy in the stomach.

And for those who absolutely want to wallow in nothingness, allow yourself this Crepe Cake.

How do you want to spend your nothingness?



All these dreamy, cozy photos were taken by Nick W.

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