Daily Gluttony


Literally every vegetable under the sun. Roasted broccoli, pinto beans, brown rice, avocados, salsa, roasted potatoes, carrots, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, bbq sauce and hot sauce drizzled on top with some dairy-free cheese shreds. I ate ALL of that in one sitting. Yessss.

I’ve always been an avid food blog reader. I have also always wondered, “do these people actually eat this stuff on the reg?

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had a few people ask if I actually eat all of the food I make or if it goes to waste.

Well, the truth finally comes out.

DUHHHHHH! Of course I eat all of this food that I post! It would almost be blasphemous to not.


I will say that some food doesn’t make it to my own belly. Admittedly, it’s just me and one other person who eats whatever food I make and it’s hard to regulate my cooking to just feed two people. I often give a lot of it away as little treats or freeze it. No one seems to complain.

Also, I can honestly say that I eat about 80% home-cooked meals and the rest is weird takeout or frozen meals. I’m incredibly busy with my ten million jobs, animals to take care of, and just regular life responsibilities! Every day that I make a home-cooked meal, I consider it a high accomplishment. Maybe some of you die-hard foodies will scoff and brag about how you never do takeout and even the flour you use is milled straight from the farm down the road.  I have no problem with that! I wish I lived your life. Truly.

Seriously. Can I have a farm now?

Anyways, aside from my crazy life, I also basically have to make two different dinners in a way. I cook for me and my boyfriend but I have a lot of dietary restrictions. My IBS is more or less severe depending on the will of the dietary gods and so I really have to keep up with it. I can’t really eat meat or dairy (unless I feel like suffering the consequences) and I have to eat constantly throughout the day and at a slow pace. Literally almost anything can trigger symptoms for my IBS. So, in the end, I wind up cooking technically two meals. One suitable for me and one that is happily, jealously dietary-restriction free for the boyfriend.

For example, when I make spaghetti – I will make one pan with a meat sauce and then another pan with the tomato sauce and fill it with chunks of eggplant, lentils, carrots and mushrooms. It’s pretty easy and always delicious but there are days where cooking double takes effort just THINKING about it. So we order pizza or I make pizza with store-bought dough. Half the pizza is the normal pepperoni pizza and the other half is a cheese-less abnormality filled with veggies.

I promise. I’m not a food robot. I’m a normal person who some days cannot stand the idea of standing at a stove and other days will make pasta from scratch and pickle every vegetable I can get my hands on. I range from taking 10 minutes in the kitchen (A.K.A. cereal and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s) to 4 hours in the kitchen (pies, pot roasts, and other various domestic goddess products).

Another daily routine for me is chocolate. Chocolate and desserts are still a staple. You couldn’t make me give up sweets unless you killed me.

All the veggies on this homemade pizza and no cheese! Broccoli, bell peppers, potatoes, baby kale, onions, fresh garlic, and tomatoes
My father made the best fresh spring rolls. I’m a lucky girl.
I went old-school for a night and made some doughnuts out of canned biscuits. I rolled them in brown sugar and cinnamon and dipped them in blackberry jam. I ate like 16 of those. Not really. Well…maybe.
I eat so much takeout and it always looks like this – loads of tofu and veggies.

Things I Consume In Behemoth Quantities Daily and Feel No Shame:

  • Bananas
  • Almond Milk
  • Mangos
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Tofu
  • Greens (spinach and kale mostly)
  • Rice (hello, I’m Asian. Duh.)
  • Bread
  • PEANUT BUTTER (the King!!!!)
  • Chocolate (Seriously. You couldn’t pry it from my cold, dead fingers)
  • Hemp Seeds
  • White Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Sriracha
  • Granola Bars
  • Tea. So much tea.
Ice cream made of bananas is my Kryptonite. Also coconut. Be my best friend and bring me things filled with coconut? Please?!?!
This is Cassava Cake. It’s a Filipino dessert that I grew up on and LOVE. I’ve requested it numerous times for my birthday. So sticky and coconut-y and wonderful. My mother’s specialty.
This is another beautiful Filipino thing. It’s called Arroz Caldo. It’s basically a rice stew filled with bits of chicken (when I ate meat) and lots of green onions and lemon juice all over it. My father topped mine with pork rinds and fried garlic. Of course, I don’t eat meat much anymore but…the rice. Oh god, the rice. I could bathe in this rice stew.

What do you eat constantly and daily? I’m always curious as to what people choose to buy at the grocery store. Are you a protein-shake-for-breakfast kind of dude or a sausage, eggs, and toast kind of babe? Do you do all organic? Do you like fat-free yogurt or the full-fat kind that almost has a mouth-feel like ice cream?

Also, if you ever ask me to house-sit, I will ALWAYS innocently peek into your cupboards. I swear I’m not being creepy. I just think the type of food people store and choose to build their life around is always incredibly fascinating and telling.

Of course, food is love. There is nothing more accepting, exciting, and wonderful than food so there is never any judgement here.

Now. Tell me your food stories!





2 thoughts on “Daily Gluttony

  1. Hahaha, she no doubts peers into cabinets. She immediately found my big bottle of Texas Pete and immediately congradulated me while also reminding me that we wouldn’t be friends if she didn’t find it.

    Also, just made 3 different mini loafs of cocoa banana bread which is a staple since we always have bananas for smoothies. One was plain with chocolate chips, the other has chocolate chips and COCONUT!! And the third has a peanut butter/chocolate chip mix with ricotta cheese filling. SO GOOOOD! AND WITH ICE CREAM? The old and new gods can’t beat that. 😛

    And all your food looks so good! Props to you on creating seperate dishes for you and the boy. I tried for a week and hated my life. My boyfriend will get on board as long as it is delicious and filling. He just has to eat more of it which can be a hefty price-tag on a 2/3 organic diet. 😦

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