Daily Gluttony – Dreams

Recently, life has been slowly gearing for the end of the year. I can feel things getting busier and I’m trying to beat back the panic of the impending flurry of the holidays.


The other morning, my little doggy household all went out to a nearby lake for a morning walk. Nick, of course, could hardly resist taking the camera with him. As I stood silently, clenching the leashes of both dogs in my hand as they stood alertly by my side, Nick wandered a few feet in front of us to gauge a good spot to capture pictures. He inched towards the edge of the water, towering reeds almost threatened to engulf him, when he stopped. I saw him survey the water before him and he bent his knees to support him. I could hear the audible clicking of the shutter.  I was only a few feet behind him but I couldn’t even begin to fathom what he saw through his lens.

While I stayed put, my arms slowly relaxed because the dogs finally no longer pulled towards Nick, I looked up. It was only 9am and the sun was bright and the breeze was slight. I was encompassed by tall grass and shady trees. I felt the tickle of one of my dog’s fur against my ankle and I breathed in.


It had been a few months since we had taken the dogs on any sort of legitimate walk that didn’t include concrete and suburbs. I had missed feeling  of the heavy silence that the trees constantly echoed. As my ears drowned in their soundless noise, it left me ravenous and satiated both at once. As we tread further away from the marshy banks of the lake and pressed on into the woods, the world began to feel ancient. The din of civilization dimmed just for a moment and I felt my breath slow and heart beat quicken. Max tugged on his leash beside me as we shuffled purposefully through the fallen pine needles and tree roots.

Later that day, Nick and I talked about a cross-country road trip and we daydreamed about seeing the varied landscapes of Utah and the high mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. What is it about me that keeps me so restless? People have asked me all of my life, “don’t you ever slow down?” Well, sure I do. I slow down when I have a reason to. Loved ones, trees, mountains, animals, and food. There is a singular, vise-like grip that has it’s fingers around my core. I don’t have dreams. My dreams have me.


Here’s what I’ve been munching on lately:

Nick and I recently celebrated an anniversary and we had dinner at a small but amazing Japanese restaurant called Hako. I got the tofu and vegetables hot pot. It came in a sizzling, cast iron pot with a wooden lid and everything was glazed in a sweet, sticky soy-based sauce.
In addition to my tofu hot pot, I also got veggie sushi! I got a sweet potato and avocado roll and a vegetable roll that had asparagus, cucumber, and seaweed salad. Some of the best veggie rolls I’ve had!
My appetizer at Hako was a pan-fried veggie qyoza. It had all sorts of vegetables and a noticeable hit of ginger. I ate every single one!
Another working-lunch burrito! This had Field Roast sausages, cauliflower, salsa, tomatoes, avocado, and I threw in some leftover roasted asparagus.
I went to Bruegger’s for lunch and ordered a veggie sandwich with sun-dried tomato spread and all the vegetables on jalapeno bread. It was pretty wonderful. Ozzy was curious about it too!
For a friend’s birthday, I brought over some Buffalo Cauliflower Dip that I found on Hummusapien.com. I decided that the leftovers would make a great breakfast!
If you have not had Ben & Jerry’s almond milk ice cream, you might be missing out on the best thing ever. Surprisingly, I still had a little left of this pint. I practically speed home after work to get to this.
More of my favorite chocolate!! I got the mint flavor and the cinnamon cayenne! These flavor pairings are some of my favorites. I love mint and chocolate anything. I also absolutely adore a bit of heat with dark chocolate. I was beyond excited when I found it at the store and these bars didn’t make it home without me ripping into it.

Happy Monday!!


The beautiful landscape pictures were taken by the talented Nick Wilkins. Follow his Instagram @wilklens!

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