Indian Grocery Store Haul and September Intentions


This year has absolutely been insane.

Things have happened this year that I never thought would. Good, the bad, the wonderful.  Now it’s September and we’ve completed 8 months out our 12 and it just feels crazy! It has all gone by so fast.

The last month has been interesting because it recently dawned on me – I work too damn much.  Continue reading


Local Spotlight: Jerusalem Bakery and Grocery

2015-11-28 14.01.47-1

I’ll be completely honest. I am number one fangirl of ALL foods.


One of the area of the world that holds my constantly-hungry-heart is the Middle East. Israeli food, Arabic food, Palestinian food, Middle Eastern food – whatever you may call it, I lust after it. It haunts my dreams. My eternal nightmare is a word without hummus, hot pita breads, heady spices, pastries soaked with honey and orange water, pistachios, dates – dear god. I’m starving. 

This food, if you have never experienced it, is beautiful and heavily scented of spices, foreign sands, beautiful languages and an ancient culture that I have barely come to understand but desperately want to.

2015-11-28 14.03.52
Fresh pitas, phyllo pastries with sweet cheese and honey, pastries with sesame seeds and date paste, labneh (yogurt), Za’atar (spice mix)

(Also, hi. If you’re reading this and your family makes this kind of food – PLEASE HAVE ME FOR DINNER. I’m very charming, polite, and will pay you in compliments and appreciative mmm’s and aahhhh’s and greedy moaning as I eat. I also am not above buying the groceries, if you need much more convincing!)

When I go to places like Jerusalem Bakery and Grocery, I am instantly immersed in a different world. One that seems so far away but is so present in my daily life. Stores like this are all over my city but it still feels like escaping to a different realm filled with briny olives, grilled meats and toasted sesame seeds.

The store is a one-stop-shop for all the ingredients you would need to make a delicious meal. Jars of tahini (sesame seed paste – commonly used to make hummus), drums of fragrant olive oil, containers of red chili paste and mountains of fresh pita and pastries behind a glass case near the counter – all the stuff of beautiful dreams.

I never leave without spending a small fortune – which gets me quite a bit since prices are much too affordable to be safe around me.

Go. Go to Jerusalem Bakery and Grocery. Go today. Don’t waste a single moment because those beautiful pastries and pita will be gone in a flash and you will have no one to blame but yourself.


  1. Delicate phyllo pastry with a sweet cheese filling and drenched in a honey syrup.
  2. Freshly-baked pita with beautifully-spiced beef on top. 

Yes. I realize that it may be a blogging faux-pas to have pictures of half-eaten food but…HOW? How do you expect me to take a picture first then eat? That’s not how my world works. Food comes first.

2015-11-28 13.14.34

2015-11-28 14.01.27