Easy Pumpkin Curry

Taken by Nick W.

My first pumpkin recipe of the season and it doesn’t have anything to do with a latte or a pie!

I say ‘season’ like it actually feels like fall outside, but really – it’s still eighty five bajillion degrees outside. Continue reading

Ready-For-Fall Vegetable Stew



It’s like TEN MILLION degrees cooler now.

Recently, a small hurricane swept through North Carolina and, to be honest, we barely got any bad weather. We were hit with some rain and wind but nothing else dramatic occurred. However. HOWEVER.

Something magical happened. Continue reading

Figgy Streusel Breakfast Cornbread


Yes. I know. I JUST made some corn-based baked goods the other week.

What can I say – I’m obsessed! Also, breakfast foods are everything to me. I’m one of those people who can spend an entire grocery budget on just breakfast foods and never realize it until I try and make dinner the next day.

But. For real, though – this cornbread is NEXT LEVEL. Throw out that Jiffy pre-mixed stuff (not hating because I lived on that stuff at one point) and check this recipe out. Continue reading

Speedy Weeknight Nori Rolls


Hello beautiful world!

Do you guys love sushi? I’m sure you do. I’m basically obsessed with it. I’ve always loved nori too – the dried seaweed sheets that are used to make the sushi rolls. It’s pretty common in Asian households to have dried seaweed as a part of your snack time. I had it a lot when I was younger. My father also loved putting it in miso soup and on special occasions he would make sushi for all of us. Continue reading