Daily Gluttony


Literally every vegetable under the sun. Roasted broccoli, pinto beans, brown rice, avocados, salsa, roasted potatoes, carrots, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, bbq sauce and hot sauce drizzled on top with some dairy-free cheese shreds. I ate ALL of that in one sitting. Yessss.

I’ve always been an avid food blog reader. I have also always wondered, “do these people actually eat this stuff on the reg?

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had a few people ask if I actually eat all of the food I make or if it goes to waste.

Well, the truth finally comes out. Continue reading

Best Ever No-Soak Beans and Sweet Potato Skillet Corn Cake


Maybe I’ve mentioned it before.

Did I tell you that I live in the South? North Carolina to be exact.

I moved here about 10 years ago, when I was an angsty teenager. I hated it immediately. My parents had made the decision to move and, in my mind, they had wrongfully separated me from my friends and everything else I held dear and familiar. Continue reading

Easy Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta


IMG_1662There are few combinations in this world that bring me to my knees.

There is peanut butter and chocolate, salt and caramel, pie and ice cream, and….shrimp and chorizo.

Shrimp and chorizo tacos, shrimp and chorizo omelettes, shrimp and chorizo quesadillas, shrimp and chorizo quiche…

The possibilities are quite endless. I love the taste of the bitingly spicy pork sausage against the delicate sweetness of fresh shrimp. Continue reading

Food Fixes All

After a long week, my weekly dinners with my parents always give me courage to tackle the rest of my responsibilities. This past week, my father made a crab boil with andouille sausages, corn, and shrimp. My mother fried eggplant and there is always rice at a Filipino table. To finish off, my father made the most happy fruit cobbler. What did I do in a past life to deserve this?

There are days where my dogs wake me up too early and my cat sleeps on my chest and I feel like I’m suffocating in fur.

There are work shifts where I feel like every single person needs a piece of me.They take their piece by dislocating each limb and walking away with it like trophy that was owed to them.

There are nights where if you ask me to cook, I will burst into tears and sink to the ground in a slump. My body will transform into a huddled bit of flesh, slowly melting into the carpet and mingling with all the animal hair that I need to vacuum.

You have days like this, don’t you?

I know you do.

That’s why food fixes all. Continue reading

For the Love of Kitsch – Brown Sugar Bourbon Banana Cake


FullSizeRender (5)

Sentimentality is the name of my game.

Got a tacky Christmas sweater that your grandma gave you that you’re trying to get rid of? I’ll take it here!

Weird tea sets that your aunt tried shoving onto you because her garage is full of them? Mine, please!

Yes, I did hoard Beanie Babies at one point. No, you can’t have my Goosebumps books. Don’t judge me when I tell you I collect tea cups.

I love kitschy things. I adore that warm, fuzzy, enveloping feeling that old, borderline tacky memorabilia provides you with. Continue reading