Bourbon Soaked Spiced Rye Bread Pudding

Picture taken by Nick Wilkins. Follow his instagramĀ @wilklens!

When a friend grants you with a bit of a generosity via a food gift – you don’t question it. You revel in it, drown yourself in, dance with it, and most definitely eat it. Continue reading

For the Love of Kitsch – Brown Sugar Bourbon Banana Cake


FullSizeRender (5)

Sentimentality is the name of my game.

Got a tacky Christmas sweater that your grandma gave you that you’re trying to get rid of? I’ll take it here!

Weird tea sets that your aunt tried shoving onto you because her garage is full of them? Mine, please!

Yes, I did hoard Beanie Babies at one point. No, you can’t have my Goosebumps books. Don’t judge me when I tell you I collect tea cups.

I love kitschy things. I adore that warm, fuzzy, enveloping feeling thatĀ old, borderline tacky memorabilia provides you with. Continue reading