Daily Gluttony – I am good.


I am good…

At waking up too early.

At telling stories too loudly.

At laughing too hard.

At criticizing myself too harshly.

At working too often.

At making pancakes.

At hugging my dogs too tightly.

At loving too much. Continue reading

Recent Thoughts and Tiny Food Haul

Let’s all aspire to be as excited about life as my Maxie!

Hello there, friends!

I have a small confession – I’m not the best.

Too often, I am angry, bitter, regretful, and full of spite and pettiness. I am ungrateful and unkind. However, in the small moments that I am afforded an easy and slow breath and silence is unusually abundant – I remember that the life I live is an utter gift.  Beyond all the bills I have to pay, my hectic schedule, my job that feels less like a life path than I would like and the slow come-up that my blog is creeping on – I have so much to be thankful for. I look at the faces I’m surrounded with and find myself wealthy in love. There is such compassion and connection in my world. Other people can’t say they’re nearly as lucky. Continue reading

Figgy Streusel Breakfast Cornbread


Yes. I know. I JUST made some corn-based baked goods the other week.

What can I say – I’m obsessed! Also, breakfast foods are everything to me. I’m one of those people who can spend an entire grocery budget on just breakfast foods and never realize it until I try and make dinner the next day.

But. For real, though – this cornbread is NEXT LEVEL. Throw out that Jiffy pre-mixed stuff (not hating because I lived on that stuff at one point) and check this recipe out. Continue reading