Daily Gluttony – Dreams

Recently, life has been slowly gearing for the end of the year. I can feel things getting busier and I’m trying to beat back the panic of the impending flurry of the holidays.

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Hospitable Habits and Sweetened Ricotta Cream with Bruleed Honey Apricots and Brown Butter, Amaretti, and Pecan Crumb

Photo Credit: Nick W.
Photo Credit: Nick W.

In my life, my food obsession is synonymous with entertaining. As someone who works three jobs, tends to our lovely animals, and attempts to have a social life Рentertaining with food can be overwhelming, exhausting, and downright hectic at times. However, regardless of how much money I spend, all the energy I exert, and the countless hours I use up concocting new meals to try on loved ones Рthe practice is therapeutic somehow.

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